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Haiti is located only 600 miles from the coast of the United States. However, it is a world apart in measures of human suffering. Haiti is home to the worst poverty, illiteracy, and health conditions in the Western Hemisphere.

Basic Health Indicators – Haiti

Population: 9,751,000

Annual births: 270,500

Birth rate (births/1,000 pop): 27.5

Maternal mortality ratio (deaths/100,000 births): 630

Infant mortality rate (deaths/1,000 births): 57 (2006)

Under 5 mortality rate (deaths/1,000 births): 74 (2006) Hospital beds (per 1,000 pop): 1.3

Births attended by trained personnel (%): 26.1

Children immunized for DPT (%): 68

Children immunized for Measles (%): 54

Literacy (%): 62.1

Access to improved water source (%): 58

Access to sanitation (%): 19

For more information visit The World Health Organization