Medical Center

The J. Peter Gruits Medical Center was founded in 1987 and is a primary health care facility which serves the rural area of the Artibonite Valley in Haiti. Located in Bocozelle, the Medical Center is open to the public daily and is staffed by Haitian medical doctors and registered nurses who are able to best serve their community. RHEMA’s health care focus is on serving the greatest needs of the Haitian community in the following ways:

• HIV Screening
• TB Screening
• Vaccinations
• Free “well visits” for children 0-5 year
• Primary Care including treatment for malnutrition
• Non-Surgical Urgent Care

Maternity Ward

In 2001 RHEMA partnered with Doctors Without Borders to expand the Medical Center to include a Maternity Ward, which is equipped with sterile delivery and labor rooms. It is staffed by on-call medical doctors, nurses and midwives. The Maternity Ward provides pre-natal care, infant care, maternal care, mother education courses and instruction for safe sexual health. Since its completion, the Maternity Ward has successfully delivered on average 150 babies per year with no infant or maternal fatalities, which has contributed to the successful decrease in the infant mortality rate of the Artibonite Valley.

Mobile Health Clinic

The RHEMA Medical Center has a jurisdiction to provide healthcare for over 50,000 people living in the rural villages in the Artibonite valley. Mobile Health Clinics provide the underserved remote communities with access to vaccinations, health care and food distribution. These clinics, supported and staffed by the RHEMA Medical Center, travel once a month to different locations in the region. RHEMA also supports medical volunteers from around the world who come to participate in these clinics.

Food Distribution

RHEMA has partnered with Kids Against Hunger and Convoy of Hope to distribute 70,000 food packages quarterly to the orphanage managed by Convoy of Hope and to the Haitian people living in the Artibonite Valley. Each food package provides six servings of a chicken rice casserole which contains 21 essential vitamins, minerals and proteins to help combat malnutrition and starvation.

Doctors Residence

RHEMA’ Doctors Residence houses doctors and nurses working at the RHEMA Medical Center and Maternity Ward. This residence provides a safe, clean and comfortable place for our Haitian doctors and nurses to live on the grounds of the Medical Center. Housing the medical team onsite provides the most immediate and effective health care to the community of Bocozelle. This facility is also used to house visiting dignitaries, volunteer physicians and nurses from around the world who come to RHEMA International to augment the programs that are currently in place.