About Us

Since 1980, R.H.E.M.A. has equipped and managed three different medical centers for the sick & poor in Haiti. In 1990, the government of Haiti assigned to RHEMA International, Inc., the remote rural community of Bocozelle with a population of 40,000 poor Haitians.


RHEMA International’s goal is to empower the people of Haiti by restoring hope through education and medical aid.

Who is RHEMA?

Founded in 1978, RHEMA International is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose focus is to provide healthcare, education and food to restore hope in the nation of Haiti. We seek to serve those in need but also equip them with the resources and skills to make a difference in their own nation. Our staff consists entirely of Haitians building local skill levels and sustainability for our programs.

Our Directors

Rev. Patricia Beall Gruits D.D., Founder and CEO

Harry Lee Beall Gruits, President

Where is RHEMA?

RHEMA Medical and Educational facilities are located in Bocozelle, Haiti, which is in the Artibonite Department North of the city of Saint-Marc. Our jurisdiction expands to serve the greater area of the Artibonite Valley.